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Sleep Aid Assist Light Bedside Terraillon Dreamer Peaceful Sleep Customizable


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3, 2, 1 … Fall asleep ! 

asleep faster thanks to sleeping programmes developed in collaboration
with the European Sleep Center

  • 2 sleeping programmes :
    cardiac coherence and sunset 

Sunset (duration: 20 minutes): Orange
hues gradually evolve to a warm red to help you fall asleep softly.

15 minutes): Breathing exercises are known to facilitate relaxation and fight
against stress. By acting favourably on your heart rate, these exercises
naturally lead you to a sleep state. 
The clinical study conducted by the European Sleep Center has shown that people
fall asleep better and faster with Dreamer.


  • Ambient light (16 million
    colours) for a personalized room atmosphere
  • Dreamer is a product
    suitable for the whole family
  • Touch sensitive interfaces
  • Rechargeable battery via USB

A simple and natural solution

is a sleeping aid with light developed in collaboration with the European Sleep
Center. It offers you two sleep programs (cardiac coherence and sunset), both
using red light.

Why the
red light ?
it is the only color that does not block the secretion of melatonin, the sleep
hormone, unlike blue light for example.

in, out
… the
cardiac coherence program helps you switch to a rate of 6 breaths per minute to
reduce your flow of thought and have a positive effect on your heart rate. You
feel more peaceful and naturally go from waking to sleep. No matter what
position you fall asleep in, and even with your eyes closed, you can easily sync
your breathing to the red light. Dreamer turns off automatically after 15

Clinically tested and approved

2 out of
3 users fall asleep in less than 15 minutes with cardiac coherence program of
. The
clinical study shows that Dreamer’s cardiac coherence program helps :

  • The speed of falling asleep
    and the onset of deep sleep.
  • The quality of sleep.
    Subjects feel they fall asleep better and faster.
  • Lucidity upon awakening.

of Dr François DUFOREZ
, sport and sleep doctor : “In an uncertain world, difficulty
falling asleep is a common symptom of insomnia. Scientific studies, validated
by the French Society for Research and Sleep Medicine (SFRMS) during the 2019
consensus on insomnia, have clearly shown the influence of light as well as
breathing techniques on the quality of sleep. . Using them wisely is a very
good non-drug alternative and the Dreamer study is a good example.”

Customer opinions

feel that focusing on the rhythm of the light allows me to detach myself from
negative thoughts”

too good to be able to keep pace with your eyes closed”

to breathe for as long as it takes thanks to the light without having to count.
I dropped out without realizing it “

Create your own light atmosphere

the light atmosphere in your bedroom according to your desires, choosing among
16 million colours available in your Dreamer. It can also be used to light
you up at night.

Convenient and mobile

is operating on rechargeable battery (USB cable included). With only 80 minutes
of charging, the battery life is approximately 8 sleep cycles (160 minutes).
And, thanks to its compact design, you can bring it everywhere with you ! 

touch sensitive interfaces make it very easy to use. To launch the desired
programme, you just have to touch the associated button. 



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